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Peter OHara specialises in the repair of electronic and amplification equipment specific to the music industry. Peter has over 25 years experience in the industry as a musician , supplier and repairer of musical equipment.

Peter now works in servicing and repair full-time, concentrating his efforts on all things electronic for the music industry. He has built up a national reputation of offering a fast, efficient and reliable service with quality workmanship.

Peter specialises in the following:

  • Guitar Combo and Power Amps;
  • Valve and Transistor Models;
  • Mixing Desks and Sound Equipment;
  • Digital Pianos and Keyboards;
  • Maintenance / Servicing;
  • Lighting Controllers and Cabling;

Peter OHara Music offers competitive pricing with unparalleled service. My  customer base stretches far and wide, with clients travelling from all over Ireland and further away for a trustworthy quick and specialist service.

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