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About me 

Peter is well known in the music scene. For 25 years he has worked both as a musician and in the repair industry. He has traveled those long miles too, so he knows and understands how important and crucial it is to have your gear in proper and perfect working condition.

At his repair centre in Ballymena, Co. Antrim he carries out repairs for many of the top players and bands all over Ireland. He offers priceless information and advice on P.A. setup and installation. Pete’s services include full, systematic and comprehensive repairs from that old and beautiful, valve (tube) amp to modern day digital systems.

Peter has undertaken large scale projects from design and installation of all sizes of P.A. systems in church halls, pubs and clubs to fault finding wide area P.A. systems in shopping centres. He has the all necessary knowledge, skills and experience of this industry to enable him to take on any task and to get it right the first time!

Peter is on the Yamaha (Ireland) repair referral list, and deals with servicing items outside of the warranty scheme.

All repairs are bench tested to ensure items are in full working order before returning items to the customer.

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